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Landscape Designers and Consultancy in in Lucknow

Like the buildings and their interiors, the exteriors also play an essential role in enhancing the look of a place. One cannot expect a building or a house with poor and will maintained exterior or front garden to be beautiful from inside. It is a simple fact; you will only that which looks great from outside. If you are not getting recognition for the looks of the building, or people comment negatively about the exteriors, it is time to hire the landscape designers in in Lucknow.

You might have laid huge emphasis on the internal designs and the structure of the buildings like bungalows, residential apartments, schools & colleges, factories, institutes etc, but without a well planned and laid out landscape around the structure, it will seem to be incomplete. Our landscape designers are experienced in working with plants, horticulture, and designs required for gardens. Designing and construction of the landscape can be costly therefore do not rely on any unprofessional designer.


  1. Collecting details of requirement for planning & designing purposes.
  2. Surveying of area or drawing submitted by client showing plot dimensions
  3. Preparation of preliminary landscape design for the approval of the client. The drawings will show plans, elevations etc.
  4. Preparation detailed working drawing, specification etc for the landscape design showing furniture & landscape related civil work for site planning.
  5. Preparation detailed working drawing for the landform, hard & soft areas, planting design, landscape structures & features, garden furniture, lighting etc.
  6. Assisting the client in execution of the project as per the working drawings and specifications, by periodic supervision of work

Our experienced designers will assess the structure, shape, and elements you wish to see there for designing unique landscapes for you. Contact us for more information on the landscape designing services.

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