When a person starts up with a dream of developing a land or a building into something different and creative he needs the help of architects. The way a mechanical engineer uses his knowledge for creating unique machines from it bits, architects & designers in Lucknow are fascinated in the elements and principles of design in their buildings.

With the creativity they are stuffed with, and the talent to understand every person’s dream about their house or office, they are capable of delivering unique structures. An architect will help in creating such building that is not only unique in design but in the usage of the elements as well. Design square architect are capable of using exceptional methods for serving clients. We know that you want a different structure that stands out among the crowd of buildings.

Our experienced architects & designers are capable of designing such structures that have a balance of Comfort, Space Management and Designer Appeal, all within your Budget constraints. We provide architecture which satisfies the need. We believe in creating the final product that reflects your individual style, refining your ideas and suggestions with our experience and aesthetic sense to create custom-made spaces to fit your need and appeal.


  1. Collecting details of requirement for planning & designing purposes.
  2. Preparation of preliminary architectural drawings for the approval of the client. The drawings will show plans, elevations etc.
  3. Preparation of structural details, electrical and plumbing layout.
  4. Preparation of detailed workings suitable for construction. Detailed drawing showing all floor plans including Foundation detail , Staircase detail , Electrical detail , Plumbing detail , Boundary Wall detail , Kitchen detail , Toilet detail, Elevation Details , Special Architectural Features, , Sections, Schedule of Doors & Windows etc.
  5. Assisting the client in execution of the project as per the working drawings and specifications, by periodic supervision of work.
  6. Moreover we will also make sure that your building is constructed by abiding all the rules and regulations laid forward by the government.
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Requirement From The Client

  1. Detail drawing and survey of a site or plot dimenssion (length & bredth) in Autocad format.
  2. Soil test report of the site.
  3. Client requirment for design purpose.

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