With regular development work going on all around city, it has become essential to plan every small aspect. With proper planning, one can make sure that everything is done in the best manner. If you are familiar with the planned townships all around the countries, they are the ones which people prefer to live in instead of the randomly build structures.

Builders who are looking forward to establish developments in the city, providing township apartments also try to make sure their township is the best one. A perfect township is the one where space is utilised completely without making the entire location congested. From planning the landscape to the building structure, it requires perfect planning under the eye of an expert like a town planning & design firm.

We make sure that your township is planned in the perfect manner, using the overall space without compromising with the holistic look. We have a team of architects & town planners who are capable of serving to your requirements in the best manner. We will sit with you, listen to you, and do a survey of the area before beginning the work on the designing phase.


  1. Collecting details of requirement for planning & designing purposes.
  2. Surveying of area or drawing submitted by client showing plot dimensions
  3. Preparation of town planning design for the approval of the client.

Requirement From The Client

  1. Detail drawing and survey of a site or plot dimenssion (length & bredth) in Autocad format.
  2. Soil test report of the site.
  3. Client requirment for design purpose.

Town Planning Lucknow

Town Planning Lucknow

Town Planning Lucknow

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